Dice Dice Dice Slot Machine Review: RTP 94.98% (Red Tiger)

Dice Dice Dice Slot Machine Review

Are you ready to play the Dice Dice Dice slot machine? This game is a brand-new slot machine from Red Tiger that draws its primary inspiration and source of action from the dice game. 

Despite the game’s contemporary looks, the fruits that appear on the reels are standard fare. There are a few factors that might pique some players’ interest in giving Dice Dice Dice a try, but there are also some rather significant drawbacks with this slot machine, so in the end, the decision is yours.

A Review of Dice Dice Dice Slot Machine

The typical slot machine layout of 5×3 reels and 10 active lines is what you get here. You try your luck and pray for top wins of up to 150x from regular combos, but once the wild dice multipliers start assisting, up to 2,700x seems probable (up to 18x combined). 

The only additional features for this slot machine are Rolling Respins (even larger multipliers are conceivable, up to 55x). The game’s major flaw is that, with an RTP of 94.96%, it just doesn’t give players enough in the way of rewards.

1. Wagering Options

You choose the total bet, and it will allocate between $0.01 and $15 to each line depending on the number of active lines from that round. You can place a total bet of anywhere from $0.10 and $150.

If you only consider the game’s lowest payouts, you’ll see that they pay 150x back, which translates to a maximum payout of $22,500 for a single spin for ordinary combos. However, once you take into account the game’s features, things get much more exciting. 

For a total boost to your wins of up to 55x, Rolling Respins will add multipliers of up to 54x to the usual one of 1x while Wilds might have multipliers of up to 18x. If Red Tiger doesn’t have a win cap in place, the game’s wins seem to exceed 8,000 times in that scenario.

The slot’s RTP of 94.96%, which is significantly lower than the typical return of a contemporary game, is disappointing. Because of its intriguing potential, you might be okay with it, but the chances are considerably worse than they are in most slots.

2. Slot Features

The Wild Dice symbol will show up on reel 3 and participate in all winning combos that are formed on the lines where it is present. The multiplier that this symbol will apply is its greatest benefit. Up to 18x cumulative win multipliers are possible by using 1 to 3 dice with 1x to 6x on each one.

The second feature is Rolling Respins, which will grant you a random number of respins with a greater likelihood of obtaining Lucky Dice. 

With three wilds of 18x from each third reel position, the total multiplier for the round will increase as the dice are rolled, and you might receive up to 55x total multipliers for a respin if there are three wilds.

3. Theme and Design

The game has the typical design for a theme like this because it resembles a vintage pub slot that is situated on a casino floor. 

Only until the wild symbols emerge on reel 3 will the dice link become apparent; however, the normal symbols are all timeless (Fire 7s, bells, melons, diamonds, oranges, plums and cherries). We appreciate the design; it’s modern, so in that sense, it differs from a traditional classic game. Play with agen judi slot online.

Final Thoughts

Although the RTP of this game isn’t great, the game’s tremendous potential is undeniable, and we enjoy its combined multipliers of up to 55x. Now, you can enjoy the Dice Dice Dice slot machine

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