Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot Review:
Theme, Paylines & Volatility


When Pragmatic Play originally released the original Sweet Bonanza earlier this year, it was a bit of an oddity. It has some of the sickest sweet symbols and gameplay around, an odd set of rules, and a sizable top prize. 

We now have to struggle with a holiday version called Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot, so it must have been useful to the studio. It’s challenging to critique in some aspects because it’s virtually similar to the original except for a few images.

It should go without saying that your opinion on the first will remain the same for the follow-up. Unless you have a serious Christmas mania, in which case you will adore it! It might be preferable to approach this one as a standalone game in isolation as much as possible to conduct an unbiased assessment. 

After playing too much Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot, you might need a checkup if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while.

When Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot loads, you’ll notice one change: a catchy Christmas song that plays in the background. The appearance has also been somewhat changed. The enchanted sweet world background is gone, and in its place is a true winter wonderland complete with snow, snowmen, and decorations.

Both the symbols and the grid have remained unchanged. There are 9 symbols in the base game. Bananas, grapes, watermelons, plums, and apples are the five fruits that are positioned low. Four candies—blue, green, purple, and red—can be found on the upper side.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot uses its 6-column, 5-row layout unusually. At the beginning of each spin, the entire grid is placed into place rather than spinning on reels. Paylines as such do not exist either. Instead, whether or not winners will receive payouts is determined by the sheer volume of symbols visible. 8 base game symbols are required at the very least, while 12 or more red heart candies will pay out 50 times the wager.

Whether or not the Ante Bet option is activated will determine where the RTP rating falls, between 96.48% and 96.51%. The maximum total bet levels are 20 percent up to 125 pounds or euros, and the medium volatility offers a constant stream of wins, usually of low value, before the triggering of the features.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot: Features

The Tumble feature is what drives the action. To encourage additional symbols to fall and, perhaps, produce a string of successive wins from a single spin, each group of winning symbols is eliminated from the grid. Currently a very popular feature. Read more here if you want to learn more about more slots’ popular features.

Free Spins are available and must be activated by at least 4 swirly lollipop scatter symbols. The bonus round begins with 10 free spins, but if there are three or more scatter symbols, an additional five spins are added. The multiplier symbol is active during free spins.

When it lands, it remains visible while wins are being tallied, and at the conclusion, any visible multipliers will be added together and applied to the winning sum. Starting at x2, the multiplier values can increase up to x100. When 3, 4, or 5 of the scatter symbols land in view on the grid, the scatter additionally pays 3x, 5x, and 100x.

There is the opportunity to purchase direct access to the bonus for those who do not want to wait for it to become available. However, doing so ensures that at least 4 scatters will land on the ensuing spin for a cost of 100 times the wager. 

This function is offered by the button to the left of the reels. An additional feature in the game is Ante Bet. Our source at mib700.com has written many articles about betting. Make sure you check them out.

When paying 25% more on each spin, players can double their chances of getting scatters. Given that the bonus game will produce the most lucrative victories, it is something to take into account. Players cannot pay the 100x to start the bonus game if the Ante Bet is active.

Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot: Verdict

A sense of having “been there, done it before” is unavoidable when dealing with such a basic clone. Almost everything has stayed the same, except for the backdrop images and music. 

Even the purchase function and ante bet were kept. Although the Christmas theme gives it a somewhat different vibe, the game itself is mostly unchanged.

So why release it again? There is a hurry to capitalize on the holiday enthusiasm. One could argue that Christmas has already been largely consumed by capitalism, so what’s another cynical exploitation of the holiday? 

Funny enough, while Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot does not attempt to conceal the fact that it is a direct copy of another film, it is often simpler to ignore. Take what you want and leave the rest, much like at a Christmas buffet.

Fans of the original Sweet Bonanza will be salivating to learn one crucial fact: the winning reward. Yes, we can attest to the fact that nothing has changed. It’s the season to be merry, and a potential payout of over 21,100 times the bet would certainly add to the cheer.

Undoubtedly a huge number, but what are the chances of it occurring? Although the claim is uncontested, there is a shortage of internet proof of enormous wins from the original Sweet Bonanza. However, as they say, Christmas is a time for miracles.

Besides Sweet Bonanza Xmas Slot, Don’t even think about loading up the Christmas version if you thought the original one was too sickly sweet for you. With the addition of some snow and candy canes, it is the same game as Sweet Bonanza. 

Yes, this is a simple and quick way to profit from the holiday season. But whatever the case, if you’re in the market for some high-quality Christmas gaming, it might be worth a go. Also, don’t forget to try the Xpro Hunter Booster slot.