Big Bounty Bill Slot Review: Features, RTP Volatility

Big Bounty Bill Slot

Big Bounty Bill Slot Review. The year 2002 saw the debut of the Joss Whedon television series Firefly. It set the Wild West in space and followed a band of motley smugglers led by Mal Reynolds as they attempted to defend the galaxy. The sitcom gained a cult following who insisted on more episodes despite being canceled after just one season, or perhaps because of it.

In some ways, the studio gave in by making a film that wrapped up all the loose ends. This small digression gets us to today’s assessment of Kalamba Games’ Big Bounty Bill Slot. If there ever was a Firefly slot game, this is it. It employs a futuristic Wild West motif that manages to be both old and new school at the same time, just like the television series.

The game’s backdrop, a suitably dusty ancient town on the frontier, makes a good first impression. A pair of moons in the top right corner and a distant brutalist building complete the composition. You can tell you’re no longer in Kansas without feeling overpowered by alienation because it’s done tastefully.

You’ll also see that the game’s grid, which initially measures 5 by 4, has three more rows blocked by tiles. 1,024 victory methods are available in the main game at first, but that number rises significantly when blocked rows are revealed. 

While this is not a clone of Doctor Electro, fans of Kalamba will notice how the grid styling and dynamics are similar. We shall discuss these similarities in more detail later. 

Stakes occur in unusually large increments, ranging from 30 percent to as much as £/€300 per spin. Slots from Kalamba’s library have a wide range of RTP ratings, both positive and negative. 

When the Hyperbolas is fully redeemed, the Big Bounty Bill Slot is on the higher end of the spread, from 97.33% to 97.87%. Like many other games from Kalamba, this one has a higher-than-average level of volatility, so using the features to your advantage will be crucial.

Symbol values need as much of a boost from enlarged reels and win ways as they can get because they are low on their own. 9 – A bull and a horse follow the starter on the paytable. The character icons come next, and all we know about these guys is that they are all baddies. 

The male villain with the gun comes in second, followed by the male villain with the cigar, who must be Bill and is worth 3.3 times the bet for five of a kind.

That might not seem like much, but as the rows are enlarged, satisfactory amounts are attainable. The card royals have a respectable hit rate of 27% and only require three of a kind to pay out as opposed to two for picture symbols. 

There is a wild, but it doesn’t come around very often. It can appear anywhere and can be used to replace all symbols other than the Bonus Symbol and the Expansion Symbol.

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Big Bounty Bill Slot: Features

The gameplay of Big Bounty Bill Slot is enhanced by several elements. Expansion The key to unlocking the game’s true potential is symbols. They launch one of the blocker tiles overhead after landing. 

Blocker tiles in the first, second, and third rows can be fired 1, 2, and 4 times, respectively. When the required number of hits have been made during the base game, this creates a hole in the particular tile.

Then, 3, 5, or 7 Hyperspins are given if 3, 4, or 5 Expansion symbols appear on a single spin. Any blockers that have holes in them are taken out during Hyperspins to activate the spots underneath them. 

Expansion symbols keep falling, and an additional Hyperspin is added each time they remove a new blocker tile. The grid can be made as large as it can be, which is 5×7, with 16,807 possible winning combinations.

The bonus symbol features a creepy-looking man who is the sheriff. When three appear, two times the bet and eight free spins are awarded. Similar to Hyperspins, these free spins involve shooting blocker tiles to uncover more spaces and awarding an additional spin for each one taken out.

Finally, players can purchase the Hyperbonus by pressing the blue button adjacent to the reels. Avoiding the requirement that three or more expansion symbols land can start Hyperspins. Players can activate 8, 15, 20, or 25 spins for 45, 107, 164, or 229 times their bet, respectively.

Big Bounty Bill Slot: Verdict

Big Bounty Bill Slot is a fairly average slot, and most of its advantages are merely surface-level. It’s challenging to choose a slot that it immediately contrasts with because of the appearance and concept, which are both rather distinctive. 

Expansion Symbols, Hyperspins, and the Hyperbonus are some of the elements that are comparable to Doctor Electro, but overall, the two slots are significantly distinct from one another.

The way Kalamba sets up its bonus buy options is one aspect that receives frequent criticism from players in the casino industry. Although the RTP may be quite high when used, we feel that paying 229 times the stake (in Machina Megaways, the cost is 337x!) is excessive.

The way that winning combinations land is one peculiarity that has surfaced. Oddly, the Male Villain Cigar was the symbol combination that was used the most frequently during testing. You shouldn’t be too upset about him because he is the most lucrative.

Having said that, don’t expect the game to often dish out large bounties because he isn’t very valuable in little quantities. He (and others) can appear in much bigger numbers for better payouts if the barrier tiles have been eliminated and the reels have become more accessible. 

Though theoretically, with all win ways active, that amount could have been much higher, the game’s total potential isn’t awful, at up to 5,000 times the stake.

The graphics are above average and have a distinct steampunk, futuristic, Wild West vibe. It has the potential for a satisfying gaming experience due to its high RTP, respectable hit rate, and payout capability. Big Bounty Bill Slot, however, is generally a fairly mediocre slot. Find out more about online slot games at our other blog at Good luck and have fun!