The Great Wall Slot Review:
Theme, Paylines & Features

The Great Wall Slot Review. There is only one wall on the earth that may be referenced when someone uses the phrase “The Great Wall.” Yes, iSoftBet recently added a new game to its burgeoning selection of Asian-themed slots, and the outcome manages to move the topic in a somewhat different way. The appearances and sounds will be familiar to players, but iSoftBet has developed a fresh dynamic that seamlessly melds theme and functionality.

With a length of more than 21,000 kilometers, the Great Wall of China is one of the most remarkable constructions ever made. The Ming Dynasty built the most well-known and gorgeous parts of it, which are the ones you can see in most pictures taken by tourists.

Interestingly, it is always vacant in promotional photos. If you go in person, you will have trouble navigating the crowds of tourists. In the game The Great Wall, we obtain access to this section of the wall. It works hand in hand with the extras and is not just there for show.

Although there isn’t much red, green, or gold trim, and the usage of dragons is tastefully controlled, the aesthetic is distinctly Asian. The 5×3 grid is placed in front of the Great Wall, which scrolls from left to right in the background, where the action is taking place outside.

Eight symbols make up the base games: J, Q, K, A, and four themed ones. These include an Empress, a gold box, three soldiers, and three coins that are connected. Avoid becoming overly attached to her because she is the most valuable at 15 times the stake for five of a kind but is difficult to find.

Players place bets ranging from 20p to £/€20 every spin, with 20 fixed paylines used to compute winnings. Due to the game’s extreme volatility, there may be several dead spins before the action picks off. Sometimes it seems as though the Emperor, who initiates the extra spins, lands more frequently than the top, high-paying symbols.

The Great Wall Slot: Features

The Wall in the distance advances with the game as it proceeds. Many rewards are lining the battlements and the top of the wall. These rewards, which are referred to as The Great Wall Slot feature and brought about by the scatter symbol, line up with a reel and offer free spins and instant prizes. 

When the Emperor is visible at the end of a spin, the reward above that particular reel is given. He doesn’t just appear out of thin air, so you’ll know when he’s coming too. To inform you and heighten tension regarding which reel he will land on, the grid vibrates, shakes, and sparkles.

The Emperor is also required to access the bonus game. He receives 10 spins if he falls on a reel that has “Free Spins” written above it. With a few expansions, the gameplay during the free spins is essentially identical to that of the main game. With a top reward of 2,000 times the bet up for grabs, the prizes above the reels are now much more attractive.

Free spins can be added as well, and the Double Win award is one of the best features. Any winnings from the free spins are instantly doubled when you land this, as the name implies. When one is on the reels and you know an Emperor is coming, it is incredibly useful to have on the last free spin and incredibly intense.

The Great Wall Slot: Verdict

The Great Wall Slot is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy area when it comes to Asian-themed slots. It makes use of well-known symbols and locations without overusing genre cliches. Although it’s not entirely immune, it feels rather new. The Great Wall is used as the background and is incorporated into the gameplay, which is the primary source of its originality.

The guards that cross it give the game vitality and fit in perfectly with how awards are earned. The fact that the gameplay is the same in the main game and bonus game is a drawback. Once the novelty has worn off, it can start to feel a little repetitious. 

However, overall, lovers of the genre will like what iSoftBet has created. One game though that we’d like to recommend is the Xpro Hunter Booster slot, and the Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders slot, which is quite a fan game with high potential rewards. Read the review first, before continuing to play the demo or the real money game.

There is never any question that you are playing an Asian-themed slot, yet there aren’t any of the overused color schemes and symbols that may appear in these kinds of games.

It just goes to show that designers don’t necessarily need to include (a lot of) dragons, frogs, or turtles to let players know they are playing a game with an Asian theme. Both methods are appropriate, of course, but it is energizing to leave a Macau casino’s smoky atmosphere for some outdoor action.

Also in The Great Wall Slot. The Emperor may appear to be in good spirits, but this is no innocent game. Even the most resilient gamblers may experience low periods that test their mettle. If you can endure it and accept the generous side of its volatility, there are benefits here.

Prizes in The Great Wall Slot can be won up to 1,000 times the bet in the regular game, but during free spins, the maximum payout is increased to 8,297 times the bet. Those looking for a hard game with the potential for reward will undoubtedly find it here as recommended by our team at