Raging Reindeer Slot Review:
Bonus, Volatility & Reels

Raging Reindeer Slot

Raging Reindeer Slot Review. It has started, folks. The holiday season has already begun, even if November has just flipped over on the calendar. No, it’s not the holiday sales, the Christmas decorations throughout the city, or the carol performers ringing doors. The avalanche of slot machines with Christmas themes has finally stopped.

Okay, calling it a downpour might be a small exaggeration, but prepare yourselves, slot aficionados, because they are coming. The most recent to do so is iSoftBet’s Raging Reindeer. The title is obviously a clever pun on Raging Rhino, and like other Christmas-themed slots, Jumbo Stampede is the older game that most closely resembles it.

Initial impressions are positive thanks to the personality-filled, sharp artwork and exuberant rock ‘n roll soundtrack. The African Savannah of Jungle Stampede is far from where the action takes place. We are currently in the thick of Santa’s patch at the North Pole, which is on top of the planet. The additional reel you get with Raging Reindeer can initially feel a little confusing if you typically play 5 reel slots.

Not at all negatively, but it is more intriguing to witness the transformation even one reel may bring about. Four symbols can fit on each reel, giving a total of 4,096 chances to win. Read more here for how to check the slot winrate.

The way symbols function is that neighboring symbol combinations pay off. For instance, there are six winning combinations when the identical two symbols appear on reels one and three.

One distinctive aspect of Raging Reindeer Slot is its symbolism. Those with high pay, at least. Even though they are all animals, these creatures have attitudes, especially the Rudolf-like reindeer with a false red nose. He also happens to be the game’s highest-paying symbol, giving out 7.5 times the bet.

Although he is helpful in the base game, the bonus game is when the fiery guy really shines. Following him are a wolf, coyote, owl, and rabbit playing while appearing stoned.

Who’s complaining if these aren’t quite the usual Christmas wildlife? The wild, which can occur on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, truly enters the game with an enormous kick. Except for the Raging Reindeer Slot logo symbol, it can replace any symbol.

Finally, we have icons for the 9 and A cards that look like they were carved from pieces of wood with various colors. RTP, at 95.94%, is just a hair’s breadth off the industry average, which is acceptable, just like the modest volatility.

Raging Reindeer Slot: Features

The Jingle Spins Bonus game is practically the only feature that is present because there isn’t much else going on. The scatter, can land wherever the logo is. 

When the numbers 3, 4, 5, or 6 lands, 8, 15, 20, or 50 Jingle Spins are given, correspondingly. When a winning combination consists of a wild during these free spins, the wild transforms into an x2 or x3 multiplier while still serving as a wild on its reel.

The reindeer symbol’s potency is likewise increased by the wild. Regardless of where they appear on the reels, wilds and Rudolph symbols will always pay out as winning combinations. This means that, for instance, a winning combination would be a wild on reel 3 and a reindeer on reel 1.

The scatter can prolong Jingle Spins because it keeps appearing throughout the round. As before, up to 50 additional free spins may be added, creating a generous 100-free spin round.

Raging Reindeer Slot: Verdict

Remember the excitement you felt as a child anticipating Santa’s arrival because you had been good that year while you sat by the fire watching television while it snowed outside. Oh no, the joy of the season has already engulfed us.

Raging Reindeer Slot may not reach those emotional heights, but it nevertheless qualifies as a feel-good Christmas movie in and of itself. Will you be continuing to play it on December 26? Most likely not, but in the interim, it makes a nice addition to the season.

Its high level of entertainment combined with the ideal ratio of payout rate to feature is what makes it so popular. The furious reindeer from the title gives the game a ton of personality. When he scores in the base game, this player is effective. But if you catch him during the bonus spins, he can save a session.

The advantage of multiplying wilds and the fact that landings do not need to be consecutive are crucial. Non-adjacent winners are nothing new. It has been done previously, most notably in the Ra/Book series, but it is amazing that it hasn’t been in more places because it works so well.

Raging Reindeer Slot gets the main things right, but it also has small details that elevate it a notch. Two scatters falling together is an example. If you have two scatters, as in a million other slots, anticipation for the third one builds on each reel. 

As it does so, a nicely animated wad of snow is dumped. Yes, it’s a minor element, but you recognize the thought that goes into it. Our source at zenwriting.net can help you how to recognize many elements in online slot games.

When you test a clone and aren’t continually comparing it to the original, you can tell that a lot of work has gone into it on some level. Raging Reindeer Slot stands up on its own two feet with no trouble. 

It has a respectable potential return of up to 4,332, which is not terrible at all. Raging Reindeer would probably be more of a stocking stuffer than Santa’s main gift, but there are times when that’s all you need. Another slot that you should definitely try is the Nostradamus slot.